Saturday, November 10, 2007

the paddle, how does that feel?

sexy ass

There are many good reasons for a spanking:

1) Play
Play spankings are fun! There is laughter and even giggling. They are done gently and with not too much pain... Just some stimulation. They are mixed with teasing and tickling and rubbing and are just plain fun! They deepen a relationship, and frequently are a prelude to sex and intimacy.

2) Erotic
Erotic spankings are designed to enhance the subs sexual response, and may in fact become quite severe and genuinely painful. The pain can enhance sexual response in an experienced sub, and drive orgasm to incredible heights! This pain can be interpreted as the most exquisite pleasure, and moans and deep sexual response are common. Usually for fairly experienced players... Spankings can provide 'spice' to enhance the sexual flavor. It is often a learned response to enjoy pain.

3) Behavior correction
Exactly like the spankings that were given when you were a child. Behavior has been unacceptable and the spanking is given as a reminder that this behavior will not be tolerated. The sub may not even have realized that the behavior was not acceptable and may feel no guilt whatsoever. (Before that is. lol) The spanking is a means of correction and control and behavior modification. It communicates the Master's disapproval.

4) Punishment
Similar to the above with the exception that something genuinely detrimental has been done... such as stealing or angry, hateful outbursts. There is scolding, the punishment is unpleasant and the spanking really hurts. The objective is to allow the sub to feel that justice has been meted out, so that forgiveness is possible. It brings closure to an unpleasant situation. Usually followed by hugs and kisses and real forgiveness. It is used to sweep the cobwebs from the relationship.

5) Guilt Therapy
Sometimes painful situations from the past have occurred which have left a sense of guilt and great sadness. The sub has no way to deal with these long past emotional hurts, and the guilt disturbs her overall sense of well being and happiness. Spanking therapy can be applied, combined with compassionate discussion and hugs. Allows her to "pay her debt" and clear her heart. Frequently requires several working sessions, but marvelous results in obtaining closure and relieving the sense of guilt have been reported.

6) Relaxation
Usually done OTK on the bed with the sub just relaxed lying over the lap. The spanking is gentle and mixed with deep massage and gentle finger strokes that bring relaxation and peace. These spankings will relieve tension and muscle tightness and leave a sense of well being and being cared for. Almost a form of massage therapy. One can spend an hour or so on this type of spanking and put the sub into a peaceful heaven with a gentle smile on her face. A good spanking is better than a Valium !

7) Bottom warming
Great for a cold, cold night. There is nothing like the warm glow of a well warmed bottom and then afterwards cuddling under the blankets to bring warmth to the heart and tingles to the posterior. Makes for a happy and warm, contented sub. :)

8) Comfort
This would seem to be a paradox... a spanking for comfort? But I have seen times where the sub has done something sad-- or has had a 'bad hair day', and just felt lonely and bad inside. (The sub may even ask for a spanking under these circumstances)...In cases like this a compassionate OTK spanking will sometimes relieve the emotional tension and make the world seem right again. The sub feels cared about and loved and finds comfort. The instruments used vary... There are so many... the hand, paddles, floggers, straps, canes.. etc. But that is the subject of another post.

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